Part Meanings

  • Motto - Only the words (if any)

  • Motto Design - The placement, banner, and type style are at the artist's discretion

  • The Crest - What appears above the helmet

  • The Wreath or Torse - A rope with six parts, using the first two colors or tinctures

  • The Shield Elements - The charges that appear on the shield, their placement, and color

  • The Helm or Helmet - Rarely is the type of helmet identified, such as a peer's helm

  • Shield Shape or Angle - The shape changed through the centuries at the discretion of the herald and artists

  • Supporters - Usually two animals, birds, or persons appearing on either side of the shield

  • The Mantle or Mantling - The decoration outside the shield. Differs depending on the artist

  • Name Design - The Placement and banner (if any), and type style dependent on the artist


The above depicts the Coat of Arms of the Mackintosh of Mackintosh. It is entirely under the ownership of that particular person and no other. It is essentially the signature of the Armiger. Scottish common law says that anyone using the above COA can have it forcibly removed by the Armiger Footer(a tattoo, for example, can be flayed off of the offender and no crime has been committed by the Armiger of the Name). The Coat of Arms is designed to tell the history of the Armiger.

The Mackintosh charges are:

1) the Rampant Lion used to denote the relation to ancient royalty,

2) The bloody hand holding the heart depicts the heart of Robert the Bruce and the Mackintosh loyalty to him.

3) The Boars Head dFooter | Greenepicts the Mackintosh connection to the House of Gordon through marriage, and

4) The Sable (black) lymphad of pre-1947 depicts the Mackintoshes as originating from the Lord of the Isles, The Azure (blue) lymphad of post-1947 depicts the connection to the Chattan Confederation.

Note: This is not the actual drawing from the Office of the Lord Lyon, but a modern representation of Header | Greenit for explanatory purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the history of Clan Mackintosh of North America?

Clan Mackintosh of North America represents the descendants of the Scottish Clan Mackintosh who settled in North America. The clan has a rich history dating back to its roots in Scotland. Contact us to learn more!

How can I join Clan Mackintosh of North America?

To join Clan Mackintosh of North America, simply register on our website.

What is the significance of the tartans associated with Clan Mackintosh?

Tartans hold a special significance for Clan Mackintosh, representing the unique heritage and identity of the clan members. Each tartan design carries historical and cultural meaning.

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