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What is a Sept?

Within Clan Mackintosh, there exist various ancestral surnames, commonly referred to as Septs, that hold deep connections to its heritage.

Clan Mackintosh proudly stands as a member of the Chattan Confederation of Clans, alongside distinguished names like Farquharsons, Shaws, Macphersons, MacBeans, MacPhail, Davidson, Macgillivray, Macqueen, MacThomas, Macleans of Dochgarroch, and MacIntyres of Badenoch.

Originating from a Gaelic term meaning 'children,' the concept of a Clan represents a close-knit family structure. This system emerged from ancient tribal customs in what we now know as Scotland. Over the centuries spanning from the 10th to the 13th century, numerous names evolved into recognized Clan designations, each with its own rich history and genealogy. Clan names serve as symbolic representations of shared bloodlines, uniting all members under a common ancestry.

We curated a list of the 38 Septs that are recognized as a part of Clan Mackintosh.

Our 38 Septs

  • Adamson

  • Ayson

  • Aysons of NZ

  • Clark

  • Clarke

  • Clarkson

  • Clerk

  • Crerar

  • Dallas

  • Elder

  • Esson

  • Glen

  • Glennie

  • Gollan

  • Heggie

  • Hardie

  • Hardy

  • MacAndrew

  • MacAy

  • MacCardney

  • MacClerich

  • MacChlery

  • McConchy

  • Macglashan

  • Machardie

  • Machardy

  • Machay

  • Mackeggie

  • McKillican

  • MacLerie

  • MacNiven

  • MacRitchie

  • Niven

  • Noble

  • Ritchie

  • Tarril

  • Tosh

  • Toshach

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the history of Clan Mackintosh of North America?

Clan Mackintosh of North America represents the descendants of the Scottish Clan Mackintosh who settled in North America. The clan has a rich history dating back to its roots in Scotland. Contact us to learn more!

How can I join Clan Mackintosh of North America?

To join Clan Mackintosh of North America, simply register on our website.

What is the significance of the tartans associated with Clan Mackintosh?

Tartans hold a special significance for Clan Mackintosh, representing the unique heritage and identity of the clan members. Each tartan design carries historical and cultural meaning.

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