Make Your Own Tartan

You Will Need:


  • Cut 3 or 4 lengths of ribbon the same length as your fabric and lots of pieces the length of the fabric width.

  • Glue the long pieces of ribbon along the length of the fabric.

  • Quickly glue the shorter pieces along the width weaving in and out of the longer pieces. The ribbons will be movable until the glue dries, so you will have to be fairly quick.

  • When your fabric is dry trim any overhanging ribbons.

April 6: National Tartan Day

Tartan Day is a North American celebration of Scottish heritage. It began in Canada in the 1980s. On 9 March 2005, the United States House of Representatives designated April 6 as "National Tartan Day". In New York city a parade is held to celebrate Tartan Day. It includes many bands and thousands of participants, including clan members and individual marchers. Mark your calendar to wear a tartan on April 6th this year and tell your friends and family why you are wearing a tartan (To Celebrate your heritage)!

April 4: National Unicorn Day

The unicorn was first introduced to the royal coat of arms of Scotland around the mid-1500s. Today the national animal of Scotland in the Unicorn! Take the unicorn challenge! Create your own pretend coat of arms using the unicorn! Use the template provided!

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What is the history of Clan Mackintosh of North America?

Clan Mackintosh of North America represents the descendants of the Scottish Clan Mackintosh who settled in North America. The clan has a rich history dating back to its roots in Scotland. Contact us to learn more!

How can I join Clan Mackintosh of North America?

To join Clan Mackintosh of North America, simply register on our website.

What is the significance of the tartans associated with Clan Mackintosh?

Tartans hold a special significance for Clan Mackintosh, representing the unique heritage and identity of the clan members. Each tartan design carries historical and cultural meaning.

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